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    Need ID's
  1. Marshall Jefferson 1 Often used sax sample.
  2. Mike Dred 2003 Hip-house with big chunks of rapping from KRS-One, Ice T and someone else. Cool acid bassline.
  3. Jeff Mills 1999 2. Tribal loopiness with a horn sample. After I googled for the tracklisting for the mix this comes from I got some belgian message board and I think they are saying it could be this. I need confirmation.
  4. Acid 2. Deep acid track, sorta UR sounding.
  5. Derrick May 1. From the High Tech Soul DVD. Love those horns.
  6. Derrick May 2. Funky house thing.
  7. Don FM 1993 1. "keep it going now". rushy hardcore.
  1. Marshall Jefferson 3 Tribal house. Robbie Rivera - Feel This. Identified by DoNuTZ.
  2. Disco 1 Sounds recent. Lovely disco jam with female vocal samples. Dig those flutes!. Goody Goody - It Looks Like Love (from 1979!). Identified by Tim_C.
  3. Easygroove 1991Wicked piano cut. Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air. Identified by swk24.
  4. Slipmatt 1991 Bleepy techno with Blade Runner "I want more life" sample. Bass Culture - Facts of Life. Identified by swk24
  5. Beats In Space 1. Played on the Beats In Space show by Tim Sweeney. This is something from Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 1 on Sublime Frequencies. Identified by zhao.
  6. Carl Cox 1990. Crazy sample cut-up.Royal House - I Can't Quite Understand. I could tell it was Todd Terry related. Identified by BUNKERHEADZ and g-love
  7. Jeff Mills 1999 1. Hoover assault. This is an old track at least as old as 1993.Strong Heads - Frequency Test Identified by BUNKERHEADZ
  8. Don FM 1993 2 "in and out and all around and then you move your body to the sound" with a nice piano sample. China White - In And Out Identified by Deepbass9
  9. NDW Two Neue Deutsche Welle tracks. Die Radierer - Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland and Abwärts - Für Mutti both on the Zickzack label.
  10. Claude Von Stroke @ DEMF 2007 Dirty sawtooth lead. Lee Mortimer - Mush
  11. Easygroove 1991 3. House with breakbeats. SIL - Solid Circle. Identified by TEKNONUTTER
  12. Easygroove 1991 2. "Get On The Move" samples. Agent-X - Get Yourself Together. Identified by iamdek
  13. Tanith 2000. Thomas Schumacher-like techno. Photonic - Northland. Identified by the Music ID service on my brother's cell phone.
  14. Easygroove 1991 4. "I'm just not your equal". Sounds italian. Step & Rhythm - Time Like This. Identified by myself.