Some mixes I have created over the years.

May 2011 Music Is Cake mix

Freeform selection of stuff I was digging at the time with some all-time favorites. Old hip-hop, booty tracks, dancehall, poppy side of german techno and some indie pop.

Tracklist unavailable but the mix is split up into individual tracks with labeled song names.


Iceland mix


I made this mix in 2009 for the Atomic Music Club when I had some interest in music from Iceland following my trip there. As I was picking tracks for it I also had the idea of alternating ambient tracks with spare songs that foregrounded the vocals. Near the end there’s an extended minimal techno interlude which I don’t feel belongs anymore but at the time I figured it symbolyzed long polar nights. About half the artists in the first part of the mix are from Iceland but some of the other music fits a vibe though it has nothing to do with Iceland per se. I’ve lost the tracklist but I’ll attempt to reconstruct it…